Dear People, with Love and Care, Your Doctors by Debraj Shome and Aparna Govil | Book Review


From time immemorial, medicine has remained one of the most respected professions. Trust formed the unshakeable foundation of the doctor-patient relationship and, for long, doctors were treated next to God.
In recent times, though, this sacred relationship is suffering from an erosion of faith. We often hear discouraging stories of doctors being abused and hospitals vandalised. The narrative is gradually turning negative-a dismal reality for both doctors and patients. We tend to forget that there are many great things happening in the medical world. Today, we are living much longer, we have managed to eradicate many diseases, we have vaccines that prevent our children from dying, life-saving surgeries are being performed while the baby is still in the womb, and we can give the gift of life to someone by transplanting vital organs. Medical miracles are happening every day in hospitals worldwide.

This book is a collection of heartfelt stories by doctors and patients from across the globe. These are stories of triumph, empathy, positivity, loss and, sometimes, failure. It goes one step ahead and captures the experience of people who surround a doctor-the mother of a doctor, a surgeon's husband and an acid attack survivor-stories that underline that a doctor too is a human being after all. Human resilience can often break barriers, and these stories serve as inspiration to both patients and doctors alike.

Riveting and absolutely unputdownable, Dear People gives an inside view of the world of medicine and hopes to inspire millions to retain faith in this beautiful relationship.


Debraj Shome and Aparna Govil


Bloomsbury India

Release date:

August 10th, 2019

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 318 Pages

The book is a collection 34 chapters in which doctors has expressed their own experiences with the patients. The cover and title of the book is appropriate for the subject.

The stories are beautiful and each story has a message. They're unique and different and well-written and memorable, and they deserve to be read. The detailing of people and the surroundings makes you feel a part of the story, the characters that will stay with you forever. Overall, I truly enjoyed this book. I'm definitely looking forward to read more from the authors.


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