The Fragrance of Sunshine by Sadaf Shakeel | Book Review


The Fragrance of Sunshine is a collection of poems, quotes and prose. The book is divided into five chapters and each chapter deals with a new subject covering a different shade of life; such as identity, love, tragedy etc. The musings bloom with the scent of hope to obliterate the odour of despondence.


Sadaf Shakeel


Siddharth International Prakashan

Release date:

June 15th 2018

No. of Pages:

Hardcover, 182 Pages

The book is a collection of 164 poems, quotes and prose. It is divided into 5 sections which are Shining, Blushing, Withering, Growing and Living. The cover and title of the book is beautiful. I got the book and have been able to dive into the words, feeling them wrap around inside of me in such a soothing way.

This poetry collection is beautifully written with so much heart poured into it. The writing style and the language used by the author is simple. Also, some people have trouble reading poetry or books in general, not with this book. It is so easy to read and understand you will not want to put it down.


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