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“There are instances when the truth suddenly pitches at us with an undeniable impact. Our buried feelings come to the fore due to a trigger in our environment.”

What happens when the skeins of life of 16 diverse Indian women, aged 25 to 67, get entwined when they travel to Spain and Portugal in an all-women’s tour?

With a galaxy of identifiable characters from modern urban India depicted with light-hearted mirth in a travel environment, the novel explores serious issues, such as the quest for an independent identity and economic independence, the violence within and outside our homes, the loneliness of old age and the need for constructive channelization of youthful energy. Spanning events across a little more than a year, Skeins depicts how self-expression and a supportive environment trigger a cataclysmic effect and stimulate the women to realize their dreams.


Richa Gupta



Release date:

September 26th 2018

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 314 Pages

16 women from different places visit the whole new country Spain for 13 days. The author explores back stories and struggles of all the characters have faced in the past. The language of the book is very simple and lucid.

There were a few parts the story was little excessively dragged. The length of the book could have been shortened. It is a surprising package of much knowledge, wisdom and a good stories of a very interesting lives.

I'd be looking forward to read more from the author in future.


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