Mysterious 4:30 A.M. When it happened by Nitin Sharma | Book Review


Every love story is inspired by another love story, but this love story is a distinct one which is inspired by its own...! "That day in the business economy of the flight I saw you for the first time, which was the most precious moment of my life and has been preserved in my eyes, in my heart, in my soul and in my thoughts. Ill not say that you were looking gorgeous coz..." Love stories are immortal, they never succumb to time. In fact, they are always meant to be forever. This story is also a kind of such endeavour. A Mysterious amalgamation of Real love, Destinys Unfavourable decisions, Unexpected turning points and A sweet love story of Shilpi Sanghi and Harsh Vardhan Singhania. I hope, its glow will illuminate the paths of young lovers and will remain alive forever in the deep thoughts of true lovers...!!


Nitin Sharma

Release date:

9th March 2017

The cover of the book is beautiful. The title is appropriate for the plot and creates a curiousity about the book. The story is about Shilpi and Harsh Vardhan and their life. The language used by the author is simple and easy. The writing style of the author is lucid. The positive aspect of the book is that there are no unnecessary details or plots in the book. It was well written and fast paced.

The narrative is very interesting which does not let you keep the book down until you complete it. The book is a quick and light read that you can finish it in a few hours. I will surely recommend this book. And I wish the author luck for his future endeavors.


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