Never Been A Loved One by Sivaranjini Ramamurthy | Book Review


If we are not loved by anyone, it doesn't mean that we will be in the same way forever. One day our life will change, we would be the special person for someone waiting out there, we would be their life, we would be their soul, we would be their breath as we wanted to be, we two halves will become one. But we should move on for that to happen in our life. This is a story of real female protagonist in an unreal story of love, pain, adventure and thrill.


Sivaranjini Ramamurthy

No. of Pages:

Kindle Edition, 116 Pages

Story evolves around a boy who was deprived of love from childhood. The story is about finding the soulmate. It's also about the relationship between father and son. The title of the book ' Never Been A Loved One ' is very emotional and eye catching. The author has portrayed the characters very well. There were lots of grammatical errors which could've been avoided.


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