Home in the Hill by Muskaan Shah | Book Review


Home in the Hills: A Granddaughter's Tales of Childhood Adventures is a fictional collection of memories of the narrator as she remembers her childhood days spent at her grandma's house in the hills. There, while with her friends Tristan and Maya and cousins Jay and Neil, she finds herself constantly accosted by the presence of her annoyingly intrusive neighbour Mr Feeny, who frequently bumbles into the backyard without invitation, with an eye towards wooing her seemingly unmoved grandma. Feeny's shenanigans set the stage for tales of horror and petrifying hair loss. Such comical themes aside, the book also investigates how we deal with loneliness, betrayal and disaster, with each story ending in a nugget of wisdom.


Muskaan Shah



Release date:

December 29th 2018

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 106 Pages

In the cover of the book there is House, Hill & Trees painted which is defines the title of the book Home In The Hill which is beautiful. The book is narrated by the author, Muskaan Shah. It's a fictional autobiography of a girl's childhood memories with her grandmother. Just like a child's dairy. The book is very well written with simple and engaging words.


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