Yours Forever by Nimmu | Book Review

What happens when you fall in love with someone who has vowed to never love again?

Sneha’s luck is cursed. What she had anticipated to be a joyous ride into her residency, turns into a scene from hell when the man she had an altercation with on her first day, turns out to be her supervisor, Dr. Shiva a.k.a. Dr. Hothead a.k.a. The Ice King. And just when she thinks life can't get any worse than this, the unthinkable happens. She falls in love with him!

From a man she loathes, Shiva turns into the love of her life.

But he has had enough of heartbreaks to last him a lifetime. Even though enamored by the endearing and beautiful Sneha, he is still resolved to love no more.

As Shiva coldly casts Sneha out of his life, will Sneha meekly listen, never to appear in front of him again? Or will her love manage to melt Shiva's impenetrable heart?

So begins Yours Forever, a heart-wrenching story about passion, heartbreaks and love that crosses paths with long-buried truths and unexpected tragedies.

Battered at every turn, will Shiva and Sneha’s love last forever?




Fingerprint Publishing

Release date:

May 1st 2018

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 288 Pages

The author has done a great job in showing the feelings of the characters. The story was fast paced and it had all the elements that one will want in a romance novel. I kept on wanting to read the next chapter to see how life progresses for the characters. 

It is a well written book dealing with great feelings and emotions spread all over the book, complex decision making in the matters of the heart, the importance of ethics and sincerity in love and friendship.

The language has been very simple and lucid throughout the book. The book kept me hooked from the very first page, in order to know what finally happens in character's life, and I finished it in a couple of hours. If you are looking for a light read in a weekend or holidays, you should definitely read this book.


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