How to Play Games and Win Money Without Spending Money ft MPL

Everyone wants money for free but as you know nothing is for free. You need to work hard to make sustainable amount of money to drive your life. But now there are couple of options that you can use to make money online.

Earning money online is not a new concept these days and one can do so with apps or the game sites available. Gambling sites are very often risky and illegal. However there are games which offer prizes to winners and have promotions. You can win without spending any money if ur skilled at it.

Did you know that you can get earn some money just by playing games online? Yes, making money online is now more fun than ever before. Playing games on the web for cash won’t make you an instant millionaire. But, it’s probably the most fun way to make money and gives you a way to make a little side income.

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is a skill based E-Sports platform where you can play your favourite mobile games and win real cash always. You can download the MPL app from its website It is an multiple-player gaming platform where you can register yourself to play multiple games. You can compete with other players in the platform to win real cash.

How to download the application?

  • Visit the MPL website 

  • Click Download button

  • Click Ok button

  • Once the apk file has downloaded. Install the application

How to login?

  • Type your phone number into the space. 
  • Then MPL will send you an SMS message that contains a 6-digit OTP.
  • Enter the code from the message.
  • Click the Login button

MPL has currently 5 games in one app, including Fruit Chop, Bubble Shooter, Run Out, Space Breaker and Run Out. I always have been loved playing games like Fruit Chop since years. At it beginning only one fruit at a time was being tossed at me, and i was like, "What's the big deal?" Then the fruits come flying and i'm slashing like crazy, halting abruptly when i happen to catch glimpse of a bomb that's been tossed into the mix. It's the kind of game that makes you want to keep playing, trying to surpass your previous score each time. No trick or tip could be as useful as creating your own strategy accordingly, every time you play.

You can now Play and participate in live gaming tournaments for free and win real cash in return. This is the best part because you are not only playing you are earning too. You can use the bonus coins you got from the login process to play the live tournaments.

Once the results are announced for a tournament, winners can cash out immediately with Paytm, UPI or bank transfer.

You can also get free MPL tokens by completing simple tasks like uploading a profile picture, adding your name, telling your gender and much more. As you can see in the picture below how I got the reward by completing certain tasks.

How to withdraw the amount?

  • Click on the wallet section.

  • Before withdrawing the amount you need to verify your KYC details
  • You can withdraw the amount on Paytm/UPI/Bank.
  • Minimum amount to redeem is INR 10.

How to Invite and Earn?

  • Click on the wallet button then on the earn more button.
  • Share the link and code with your friends and get INR 9 and 20 coins for each referral.

The simplest way to earn coins in the game is by inviting your friends! As there is no limit to the number of friends that can be referred, Player can keep referring as many as they want. The more clicks your referral link gets the more coins you earn. It's that simple!

Positive points:

  • Accessibility
  • Very easy 
  • Variety of games
  • Cash prizes
  • Easy withdrawal process

It really is a fun app that will get addicting really quick. Always fun to try to beat your last top score, but is very challenging. Refer MPL app to your family, friends & colleagues and win more cash on each successful referral! There’s nothing to lose really here. So get started right away.

There is also a help section in the wallet section. In the help section there are few frequently asked questions and answers.

 If you cannot find the solution of your problem then you can call the customer care number at +91 9108516567 or you can mail them at .

I personally love playing games, because it take away worries from my life and make me very happy.
I have always wondered on how to make money playing games and i have been looking for a way to be paid when playing game. I'm so glad that I found one. Do let me know what your thoughts are in the comment below. 


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