Decoding Luxe by Mahul Brahma | Book Review


Decoding Luxe explores various facets of luxury brands, taking a strategic, behavioural, historical, experiential, demographical, psychological, dynamic, mechanical and philosophical look at what constitutes luxe or dazzle.

This book is a bible for all stakeholders of luxury brands owner, custodian, retailer, connoisseur as well as student helping them understand and formulate, with a historical perspective, an effective strategy for conceiving, positioning, placing, promoting and pricing these luxury products.

It is all about finding the magic potion for a brand’s success with luxe in India, who always look for value-for-money or value for label.


Mahul Brahma


Srishti Publishers

Release date:

July 12th 2017

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 144 Pages

This book analyses the industry's past and future from very relevant and specific viewpoints, plus an inviting writing style which makes the read a real pleasure. This book provides deep insights on various aspects of luxury. This is a must read for all entrepreneurs venturing in the paradoxical world of luxury. Even to the outsider, this can be a fascinating subject to consider.

I'm so impressed the author took the time and effort to teach the world everything he has learned. The knowledge and thought that went into these pages of the book are quite impressive. Highly recommended for those who are interested by the luxury industry. 


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