Rey Naturals Avocado Oil | Review

Product Description:

Avocado Carrier Oil works well with various essential oils, adding to the bouquet of benefits that it offers. It is a generous carrier oil which nourishes and restores the natural balance on the skin. It is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E and also Beta Carotene.

The oil is pale yellow in colour and is extracted from the fruit’s pulp using cold pressing technique.


Benefits of Rey Naturals's Coldprlessed Avocado Carrier Oil

Face - It is great for the rejuvenation of skin and is ideal for dry, damaged, dehydrated skin.

Hair - Unruly and brittle hair will regain shine and texture. It is most effective for normal hair type

Dandruff Control - It is great for Dandruff Control and is used best with Tea tree essential oil

Massage - Mix with any Rey Naturals essential oil and massage for tremendous healing and preserving effect.

Cuts And Bruises - This oil protects the skin against infections by forming an antimicrobial layer over the skin. Relieves dryness and itching, also accelerates healing process in small cuts and bruises.


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