I'm an Average Looking Boy by Roopesh Kumar | Review


Once upon a time, there was an intelligent boy called Vidoy.
And there was a beautiful girl called Dibisha.
They met under the Virgin tree.
He was not her cup of tea.
But very soon they became close friends.
He fell in love with her. But he could never say.
And she never thought about him in that way.
For her, he was just an average looking boy.
She can do all nonsense before him. She doesn’t feel odd.
He can hold her hand while crossing the road.
But they are “just friends.”
Will he ever tell her what he feels for her?
If he does, will she ever accept him?
Well, Dibisha is a fun-loving girl, but why does she need to see a shrink?
And what are those strange myths about that Virgin tree?
A witty tale of friendship, love and romance, this book will not only make you believe in true love, but will assure you that if you love someone with all your heart, they will always find their way to you.


Roopesh Kumar


Fingerprint! Publishing

Release date:

October 1st 2017

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 296 Pages

 The author has so beautifully penned it down that it keeps the reader totally indulged into it. The story was quirky and very original with well-developed, believable characters, that the reader could care about. The author took the concept of friends falling for one another and wrote rich, compelling characters. I was completely lost in the story as if i was living life with the characters of your story. The book hooked me in from the start and it takes many unexpected twists and turns - highly recommend to anyone looking for a great read!


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