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Bella is a worldwide known brand of female hygiene products with over 65 years of experience. Bella is an European brand with highest quality hygienic products for women. Check Bella's full range of sanitary napkins, tampons, panty liners and intimate care products. Bella - comfort for every woman.

 Today, Bella products are known in over 80 countries in the world, on 6 continents! Innovation and quality have always been their core values.

Cotton Balls 

Bella Cotton Balls are made with high quality 100% pure cotton. Fluffy, extremely soft balls are soft, absorbent and essential part of everyday hygiene. Especially helpful in case of threading, make-up, nail polish removal and baby, skin care and family needs.

Paper Tissues

Napkins are a must have item for anything and everything. But apart from usage, if you are also thinking about hygiene issues, then Bella All-purpose napkins (mint 100) fit the bill perfectly!

  • Delicate tissues that are 100% hygienic.
  • Imported directly from Europe.
  • It is a 2 ply napkin that provides consistent thickness and durability.
  • It has an aromatic delicate mint fragrance.
  • Each box contains 100 pcs.
  • It can be used for all purposes.

Intimate Care Wet Wipes

Bella Intimate wet wipes were designed for maximum hygiene of intimate area wherever you are. Extremely useful while menstruation when you travel.

It gives complete protection from irritation, dryness, excessive discharge etc. It is completely perfume free product which contain D-panthenol and Allantoin maintaining natural pH of the sensitive skin. It has been dermatologically tested.

D-panthenol :

  • It stimulates the wound healing.
  • It moisturises and regenerate the skin.
  • It works as anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation.

Allantoin :

  • Is an anti-irritant and skin protectant.
  • It gives smoothness to skin and promotes cell replication.
  • It promotes the healing of wounds, burns and scars.
  • It is odourless, non-toxic and non-allergic.

Cotton Pads With Aloe Vera Extract

Bella Cotton Pads are made with high quality 100% pure cotton. Soft pads are designed with closed edges which prevents fibres from detaching, with Aloe Vera extract which moisturises and soothes skin irritations. Especially helpful in case of threading, make-up, nail polish removal and baby, skin care and family needs.

Baby Happy Sensitive Aloe Vera Wet Wipes

Mild and skin friendly, Bella Wet Wipes are ideal for daily hygiene of intimate areas. These intimate wet wipes are the best solution for wiping intimate areas, perfect replacement of intimate wash when travelling or when there is no access to water.

A must-have when travelling, Bella Wet Wipes for sensitive skin are the most convenient way of being hygienic all day. It is the best for using in public washrooms and especially during periods. These make you feel fresh and clean immediately, super easy to use, anytime, anywhere.


  • Naturalize intimate smell
  • PH neutral for skin
  • Do not contain alcohol
  • Pack with the clip for comfortable usage
  • Ideal for daily hygiene of intimate areas
  • Best for using in public washrooms
  • A must-have when travelling


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