The Legend of Kuldhara: A Historical Novel Set in Rajasthan by Malathi Ramachandran | Book Review


Kuldhara, a village in the Rajasthan desert, perched at the edge of time. Abandoned, cursed, nearly two hundred years ago, to remain a heap of rubble and stone. It lies dreaming of its vibrant past when the streets echoed with laughter and the fields swayed green and gold. What happened one night that drove its inhabitants from their homes, never to return? Did they flee to preserve their honour, when the covetous gaze of a local lord fell on Pari, the headman’s daughter? Where did they go? How did they survive?


Malathi Ramachandran


Niyogi Books

Release date:

October 6th 2017

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 280 Pages

This book was both hard to put down and hard to read too much at a time-both for the same reason-it was so breathtakingly good! This is one of those rare stories I hope everyone reads and wish everyone had to. It's intriguing, entertaining and puts you right there. The cast of characters are well developed and the story line, thrilling as it is, never seems to stop. They rise up from the pages as the reader is drawn into their thoughts and emotions.

I loved this book. It was educational while also being a moving and compelling story. You will enjoy it on many levels, as I did. I recommend this book for all those who like easy, fast paced historical fiction based on fact, that has depth, authenticity and many other strings to it's bow.
Again, one of the best books I've read this year.


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