Pawan: The Flying Accountant by Sorabh Pant | Book Review


Arjun Singh is an accountant by day and a demigod by night. But he’d rather care about GST than his superpowers—even less so about life himself.
Arjun is about to be murdered by goons and he couldn’t be happier. He’s spent his life waiting for death. Unfortunately, things do not go as per plan. Much to Arjun’s chagrin, he manages to live. But things get a lot worse than a failed death.
Arjun is an accountant but behind this façade he’s protecting his identity as an almost indestructible species of humanoids, a power that Arjun would gladly exchange for a bushel of bananas and a vat of rum. And now some people know exactly what Arjun is capable of.
He’s forced to work for an alcohol baron’s unofficial army, assassinate terrorists and fall into life-or-death battles with a Chinese dragon. What is even worse is that they’ve not cleared his taxes yet.
Combining dark humour with a whirlwind plot—Pawan is a story of a reluctant superhero, the futility of war and a whole lot of rum.


Sorabh Pant


Rupa Publications

Release date:

November 20th 2017

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 304 Pages

 The language is clear and simple. There were a few laughs throughout the book and the story kept a constant upbeat the feeling. Some of the situations were incredibly amusing and the humor is very dry. Overall, the plot line was interesting. It definitely deals with some issues that aren't for the faint of heart and just as a warning.
It’s hard to connect to the characters of the book. Reason- all the characters including the main ones fall flat throughout the read. However the book was good but very detailed and it was very predictable at some parts. All of back and forth that will eventually make you put the book down for a moment then go back to get it. You will go back for it because you know something is going to happen eventually because you’re half way through the book.

 There were some aspects of this part of the story that were thought provoking about myself and people I know. While an easy read, the story had some weight to it. If you're looking for something very easy and enjoyable to read check this book out. 


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