Dying to Live by Monisha K. Gumber | Book Review


An honest, painful and often humourous narrative- a tale of resilience, courage and grace..when nothing matters anymore…

Megha, a young super-achiever with a perfect life has all that is needed to be happy. After all why wouldn’t she? A swimming champion, school topper, popular, good-looking girl with amazing friends and loving parents. What more could a girl ask for? A lot, actually.

Because even when she has it all; she sulks and does the unthinkable. A grave mistake that could take her to her own grave. But survivor that she is, she breaks through the wall of ‘perfections’ and accepts that she is what she is: sad, vulnerable and confused. Oh, don’t get her wrong, as she puts up a tough fight to reach where she is meant to be. And on the way learns some lessons that will take her through this amazing journey called life. A happy kind of life.


Monisha K Gumber


Leadstart Publishing Private Limited

Release date:

April 20th 2017

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 242 Pages

The story itself is simple but is very entertaining! It is a great, short, and simple read, with many life lessons people can relate to. I enjoyed it thoroughly and couldn't put it down. The book will make you laugh, cheer, and sometimes make you cry.

 The language used in the book is very simple and connecting. The writing was well done, using a good amount of narrative and dialogue. The art style was great too. It really made the story, especially when author was using her imagination. All the characters were portrayed well. I really enjoyed the illustrations in this story and how they helped the story unfold with clear images for the readers. Everyone should read this, no matter what age.


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