Buffering Love by Issac John | Book Review


Whether it's the tinsel town diva who accidentally tweets an intimate personal account, or the aspiring writer who opens a dating app in an office reception just before her interview, the characters from the world of Buffering Love cling on to their mobile phones, sometimes to crush reality and sometimes to embellish it.
Set in urban India, and replete with surprising turns, Buffering Love will delight and devastate its readers in equal measure with its 15 short stories about love and life through myriad mobile apps.


Issac John


India Penguin Metro Reads

Release date:

November 15th 2017

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 224 Pages

A book to savor before bedtime every night. You'll find yourself reading several stories at a time, because they're that good. The stories are very thoughtfully well written. There are no special introductions to the book or to the stories, simply the stories themselves, presented one after the other. Great stories that make you feel comfortable in life knowing that everyone's life seems to have a twist a good effort in bringing people down to earth to real world life situations.

The list of stories in the book includes:
  1. Launched
  2. Video Star
  3. Email à Trois
  4. Winner Takes All
  5. Smart Lass and Daft Watch
  6. Short and Tweet
  7. Shop Now
  8. Last Seen
  9. Welcome Home
  10. Light, Camera, Cut
  11. Run, Zelda, Run
  12. Beyond Words
  13. An Offer To Remember
  14. Table for One
  15. Home Delivered

They are sufficiently short to be able to read in a single sitting, but each is complete in itself. The stories are humorous and life affirming, each with that tone of reality that makes the reading both engaging and enjoyable. Overall, an enjoyable read with varying tales of love and relationships. I’d definitely recommend checking this out 


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