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About brand:

With a rich experience of over 20 years in this industry, Ryaal is a brand name anonymous with quality and service. They love their clients so much that they work day and night to provide us the best quality products that make them live a healthy happier life.

Product description:

It has great healing properties for damaged and distressed skin which makes it a good choice to include when mixing a massage oil or preparing a carrier oil blend. It has miraculous properties that can give skin a refreshing boost.
Although we bottle our oils in colored glass bottles to protect them from UV light damage, the oils themselves are always clear in color. This is normal, all essential oils are clear. Also, although "Essential Oil" has the word "oil" in it, which can bring to mind a thicker substance more like, for example, olive oil, Essential Oils actually have a very thin consistency and are more like the consistency of water - they do not present as 'oily'.


 The Ryaal Rose Essential oil comes in a blue colored glass bottle and has a white colored cap. They have provided with a separate dropper, which is leak proof.


INR 318 for 15ml
INR 599 for 30ml

Shelf life:

12 months


Available online at:



Pure rose absolute & pure grapeseed oil

How to use:

There are a variety of ways to use this oil-

  • Add a drop to your moisturiser to smooth and soothe skin.
  • Add a few drops to your body massage oil and get the healing and soothing effect all over the body.
  • Add a few drops to your bathing water and get the blanket of fragrance and cottony softness over your body.
  • It can also be used with face masks if you want to add on soothing and softening properties.

Product experience:

  • The Ryaal Rose Essential Oil is transparent and consistency is runny.
  • It has a divine rose fragrance, which I love.
  • As an essential oil, it is always advisable to use it with any carrier oil or cream. 
  • The undiluted oil feels a little hot on the skin and should not be used directly. Even after mixing it with moisturizer, it gives a warm sensation to my skin when I apply it on the face.


  • Affordable
  • Availability
  • Convenient packaging
  • Comes with a dropper
  • Works very well
  • Lovely fragrance
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Multiple uses
  • Cruelty free


  • Didn't found any

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