The Indigo Sun by Rupa Bhullar | Book Review


Home—neither a place you live in, nor a place you arrive at. It’s where you belong and ultimately return—a return to the beginning, a return within.The Indigo Sun is an enchanting tale set amidst the deserts of Rajasthan where Maya, a young NRI woman is led on a transformative journey by a young boy Ananda; a mystic gypsy woman named Leela; and Veer, a well-respected, socially driven entrepreneur from London. Together, they embark on a colourful odyssey encompassing culture, heritage, simplicity and celebration of life. In this unknown and distant land surrounded by strangers, Maya’s past, present and future come together as do her body, mind and soul. She discovers another meaning of life, forms incredible bonds, meets the man of her dreams and finally comes face-to-face with her truth—the indigo sun, a treasure that lay buried in her heart all along. She is finally home.


Rupa Bhullar


Rupa Publications

Release date:

December 20th 2017

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 292 Pages

This book is excellent. It is a page turner that will elicit so much emotion that you won't want to stop reading. The characterization and the story telling art with great diction make you feel the story as well as you can taste all emotions waved in the story which author wanted to tell. I think that the plot was stretched a bit too much. Also I need to praise the author for her influence over words, she keeps on going without any flaw through out this novel it been an interesting journey.

The language of the book is good enough. The cover of the book is very beautiful and the title is interesting. One of the strongest point about this book is it's ability to invest the reader through their emotions. I got emotionally connected to the protagonist. For me it's a unique story and a different taste of novel that i had picked up in recent times. 


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