When God Went To Hell by Ravi Gupta | Book Review


When one dies, one wants to go to Heaven. Right?
That is what St Peter tells the assembly of gods as he explains the falling market share of human souls desirous of entering the portals of Heaven. It is the beginning of soul searching in Heaven, culminating in the decision to appoint a consultancy firm on earth to understand the radically changed human mind and make strategic course correction. Among the recommendations of the consultants, is the appointment of a CEO in Heaven. Will that work? The CEO attempts to replicate earthly systems in the new ecosystem and all hell breaks loose. The disaster that follows leads to God having to go to Hell to persuade the Devil to desist from using unfair trade practices while targeting human souls. The dialogue between God and the Devil explores the meaning of life, the conflict of good versus evil, creation versus evolution and God as creator versus the creation of God.


Ravi Gupta


Niyogi Books

Release date:

July 26th 2017

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 168 Pages

When the character of God finds out that the Devil is indulging in unfair trade practices, he decides to go to Hell and confront him on this.

The book delivers lots of good action, a very interesting plot and just wonderful enjoyable reading. This is just one of rare book I have read on the subject. I highly recommend this one, it gives a hilarious perspective on god, devil and afterlife. 


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