Poems for a Princess by Mark Brooks | Book Review


This is a book of poems I have written especially for a very special girl - "The Princess".
I knew the moment that I saw her that I had fallen for her. The signs were all pointing to falling for her - the racing heart, the heart skipping a beat, the butterfly feeling in my stomach, the legs feeling like jelly, struggling to get my words out, the blushing etc., etc.
Unfortunately, I've been too afraid (I guess that's the best way to describe it) to tell her how I feel, so I thought I'd write her a book of poems to try and tell her how I truly feel about her. I always struggle expressing how I feel verbally, I guess for fear of looking stupid and maybe being rejected and so writing down how I feel is just my way of expressing my feelings.
I just hope she likes them!


Mark Brooks


Olympia Publishers

Release date:

August 3rd 2017

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 59 Pages

 It is a beautiful collection of poems that I would love to read over and over again. I loved the writing style and every little thing about this book! This is a short collection and you'll finish it so quickly, well that is, if you can read them in one go.

I liked how the writing easily flowed and kept me captivated throughout the book. The emotion behind the words touched my bone. I love the easy way the poet presents these thoughts and feelings. Every page is absolutely perfect and everything you can want from a poetry book! The beauty and raw honesty in which this poet expresses himself is stunning! The words are filled with such emotion. I definitely recommend this book for everyone who loves poetry.


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