A Circus of Emotions by Shefali Banerji | Book Review


'A Circus of Emotions' is a poetry collection and a window to the poet's journey into disillusionment. From the bliss of innocence to the pangs of adulthood, the poems contain a subtle hint of the harsh truths and realities of life. The imagery is stark, appeals to your senses, and whispers in your ears the disenchanting incantations of the world. The poems talk of love, hate, indifference, hope, dreams and everything in between - it takes a unique stance at the essence of our existence. This collection might make you uncomfortable or shatter your complacent view of life!


Shefali Banerji


CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date:

December 16th 2016

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 80 pages

The writing is simple. It was not hard to understand that what does the author want to express. You can easily drown and relate yourself with her thoughts. There are many parts which seems exactly as your feelings and thus can easily be your favorite.

I really enjoyed reading this one and would definitely look forward to read other works by the author in future.


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