It's No Longer A Dream by Sanjeev Rajan | Book Review


Unlike many books about lost love, It's No Longer A Dream! stands apart by putting you in the shoes of a man who has everything but feels that he has nothing. Akshat Diwan is a man who seems to have the world at his feet. His life is the one that everyone dreams of having, filled with a lifetime of wealth, expensive cars and a lavish mansion.

There was nothing he did not have. Akshat's life was set perfectly. But it lacked the peace he was looking for. It is often said that a person wants what he doesn't have and Akshat was one of them. His life at home was not the best, because he did not have a very good relationship with his parents. His friends were slipping away slowly and, he could not maintain even a single relationship in his love life.

Though he had it all, his life was falling apart, making him a very spiteful person. He eventually becomes numb and stops feeling emotions. Tired of living life this way, he decides to stop his misery by ending his life. Before he takes this drastic step, he leaves on a journey attempting to find peace and his true inner self.

This book shows you how Akshat cleans up his life by picking up its broken pieces. It's No Longer a Dream is about soul searching and realizing that you want what you don't have, even though you have it all.


Sanjeev Rajan


Srishti Publishers

Release Date: 

February 3rd 2013

No. of Pages: 

Paperback, 192 pages

The story gyrates around Akshat who is sick of the kind of life he is living. The characters are very well drawn. The book is divided into 3 parts, part one describes about Akshat and his life events, Part 2 takes you to the mesmerizing love story of Randhir & Radhika and Part 3 bends towards the epilogue of story. It is really inspiring and it left me in tears at some point.

The writer has beautifully narrated how the relationship slowly and gradually strengthens with time. The way author switches from present to flashback is really nice. Although it was Little confusing at the beginning.

It’s a mature enough story conveying a subtle nuance of love, marriage and relationships.

"Life always passes in the same way if we forget to remember where we are headed"


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