Once Upon A Genie by Durriya Kapasi | Book Review


Daisy had no idea what was in store for her when she uncovered the priceless reward concealed in a miscellaneous bottle; a super sexy genie that would pull the rugs below her feet. Khalil Muwahid, the genie owed Daisy his gratitude for freeing him from the trap. He generously asked her for three wishes without holding any grudges against her. Gradually there was a strong connection between them, the bond of love. Also, the rules of Djinn world were amended for their love, where Daisy wasn't supposed to ask for the third wish since they could be together, everlastingly. BUT on the horns of Dilemma, Darren, Daisy's best friend's life was at threat. Does she use the last wish to save Darren? Or does she save her love?


Durriya Kapasi


Half Baked Beans

Release Date: 

February 17th 2017

No. of Pages: 

Paperback, 200 pages

I loved the cover and the blurb. The book is different and very compelling, an awesome combination of romance, humor and suspense. Another aspect of this book is throughout the book reader is taken through a roller- coaster of emotions in various human relations

It elaborated on the love between a visible and an invisible, between two people of entirely different worlds, which actually accelerated my eagerness to complete the book in a day. I kind of didn't want it to be over. 

 The plot is interesting and well thought. The chemistry between the couple was beyond words. I loved the imaginative and vivid description of the myriad world of genie.

Through the book, the author attempts to showcase the thin wall that always exists between friendship and love. I think the one will be compelled to sympathize with the main character of the story over her dilemma to choose between friendship and love.

The suspense is built throughout and compels
you to keep on reading. This is a very well written story and definitely keeps the readers hooked to the book.

Overall I did enjoy this book so much. Super excited for the sequel and more works from the author.


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