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About Brand:

Amara Organix believes in safe skin care and hence strives to deliver natural, organic and handmade concoction of Skin friendly products.

Product Description:

Amara Clarity - Tea tree Anti Acne and pore refining cream.


The Amara Clarity comes in a plastic container and it has a brown screw cap. The packaging is sturdy so it pretty travel friendly.


INR 275 for 125g


Available online at:

Shelf Life:

6 months


Aloe Vera extract Enriched with neem, eucalyptus, saffron, tea tree oil and sweet basil oil

    Product Experience:

    • I have been using this acne gel for a month.
    • The gel has a light yellow color and has perfect consistency which is neither too thick nor runny. 
    • It is very lightweight and gives cooling sensation when you apply it initially.
    • It gets absorbed in the skin very quickly. 
    • It does remove acne spots & blemishes, but it wont give instant relief and result depends on skin type.


      • Affordable
      • Easily available
      • Refreshing fragrance
      • Reduces acne
      • Lightens marks and spots
      • 100% organic
      • Contains tea tree oil
      • Lightweight & gets absorbed into skin without efforts
      • Reduces acne up to certain extent
      • Hydrates skin without making skin oily
      • Fades acne spots & blemishes


        • A tube type packaging would have been easier to use.

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