Ethnic Vegan Box Set 4 in 1 | Review

Dairy Free Vegan Italian, Vegan Mexican, Vegan Asian and Vegan Mediterranean Recipes for an amazing Raw Vegan lifestyle (A ... Protein Vegan Recipes and Vegan Nutrition) Kindle Edition
Fantastic set of recipes that are easy and quick with ingredients that are readily available at your grocery store.

This is a box set of 4 of Sam Kuma's books:

1. Italian Vegan Recipes
2. Mexican Vegan Recipes
3. Asian Vegan Recipes
4. Mediterranean Vegan Recipes


 Nov. 08, 2016

Some of my favorite recipes are:

Vegan Pizza Rolls

Cheesy Mediterranean Scramble

Cioccolata Calda (Italian Hot Chocolate)

Sweet Peanuts

Most people think of the vegan diet as being very limited. But, I actually consider this one of the positive aspects of going vegan.

So do yourself a favor and tickle your taste buds by trying a new ethnic recipe.

You can buy it from here.


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