I, Justine: An Analog Memoir By iJustine | Book Review


Justine is giving friends and fans a look behind the scenes, sharing never-before-told stories about the hilarious (and sometimes heartbreaking) reality of sharing your life online. With her trademark wit and delightfully weird sense of humor, Justine delivers an inspirational message in support of creativity, entrepreneurship, and the power of staying true to yourself, while reminding readers that the Internet is a very small world—you just never know who you’re going to meet.


Justine Ezarik


Atria/Keywords Press

Release Date:

2nd June 2015

No. of Pages:


 I really liked that even though she didn't choose a casual form of writing for her book, she was still able to let her personality shine through. She illustrates her early obsession with technology, especially the gaming side of things and Apple products.

I learned a lot more about her as a person, and found that I admire her even more.

 If you're passionate about something I feel like you just want to share it with people so that they too can also be passionate about it and maybe understand a little bit more about why you love it so much.

I would definitely recommend this book because it's so different from other YouTuber books, and it really does show you the reality of what it's like to live almost your whole life on the internet, it isn't as glamorous as most people would believe.

I did enjoy the book immensely, it was easy to read and now I have a solid grasp on her perspective of the tech scene and fame.


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