Şerbet-e-Khaas & Rose Tamarind By Paper Boat | Ramadan Special

With the sacred month of Ramadan, along comes celebration, joy and a host of delicacies. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. The Month of Ramadan is also when it is believed the Holy Quran was sent down from heaven, a guidance unto men, a declaration of direction, and a means of salvation. Fasting and focusing on prayer and charity during Ramadan is meant to purify the body and spirit and bring the faithful closer to God.

Paper Boat introduces Şerbet-e-Khaas & Rose Tamarind a limited launch for Ramadan.


Alleged to be the world’s oldest drink (so old, even your oldest relative can’t remember its origins), this jug-ful of elixir has set itself as the gold standard for drinks everywhere. Way back in times when fridges were as rare as Wi-Fi, really thirsty people in the hot, hot Middle East had no choice but to reduce fresh fruits to syrups to enjoy them as Şerbet through the year.

It tastes very sweet and refreshing, perfect for iftaar. It contains the goodness of apple, lychee and grape.

You can order it online from Amazon.

Rose Tamarind

A drink where you don’t just drink the drink – you also drink in that delicious fragrance. You know how when you smell a smell so good, you want to eat it? Rose Tamarind is just that. Rose Tamarind aka Rose Tamr-Hindi traces its roots back to Syria and is a favorite during the strenuous hot season of Ramadan. 

It tastes very sweet and tangy. It contains the goodness of tamarind.

You can order it online from Amazon.

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