Girl Online On Tour By Zoe Sugg | Book Review


Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg is the sequel to her best-selling debut novel Girl Online. It follows the story of Penny as she tries to follow her boyfriend Noah on his music tour. While this may seem like the best trip ever, what with no parental supervision and Penny being able to enjoy days or even weeks alone with Noah, it is actually a recipe for disaster.


 Zoe Sugg


Simon and Schuster

Release Date: 

October 22nd, 2015

No. of Pages: 

Hardcover, 352 pages

This book was just as sweet as I hoped it would be. Girl Online is a book that I would recommend as a quick feel-good read and to follow up, read the sequel Girl Online: On Tour. 

Penny suffers from panic attacks and going on tour, being surrounded by screaming fans isn't the ideal situation. The promised outings with Noah never happen as he is too busy with his career. Her best buddy Elliot can't join her on the tour as he scored an amazing internship at a fashion magazine, but he is having trouble in paradise with his boyfriend. To top everything off there is a blackmailer. Someone wants Noah and Penny to split up.

Penny suffers from anxiety, which does not pair well with tour life, but she seems to stay strong for the most part while everything she and Noah have planned for the tour falls apart. Her development doesn’t only come from her experiences of disappointment and heartbreak, but also because she is a young girl going through the process of figuring out what she wants to do with her life.

There are definitely more readers who can relate to a friendship that has changed because of people growing up and changing than a romance with a singer.

I think Zoe has created a relatable story that is also just a great book to read for fun. It goes by very quickly and I definitely enjoyed this story very much.

I absolutely loved reading this book. I enjoyed it because of the elements in it, it was funny, sad, romantic, dramatic story at all the same time. It is a very descriptive book and made me picture exactly what the characters not only looked like but it also made me understand their emotions. 
I was emotionally invested in some of these characters!

The very frequent mention of anxiety as a plot developer did get on my nerves, it did give me an insight to how often Zoe's anxiety can hinder what she's doing and everyday life .

The message was really clear - don't go chasing the boy, but chase your own dreams instead. 

This story has many twists and turns and it really filled my heart with amazement! I loved the fact that this story shows a moral that we all have heard before: don’t give up.


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