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About Company:

Paper Boat is a brand of non-carbonated beverages and energy drinks produced and marketed by Hector Beverages, which is located in Bangalore, India. The product consists of traditional, authentic indigenous Indian drinks that are packaged in single serving, flexible pouches. The beverages are produced using local spices, fruit, flowers and pulses, and some of the fruits grow wild, such as jamun and kokum. The company has stated that it does not use artificial coloring or preservatives in its products.

We grew up. We looked back.
“A simpler time”, we said, a bit wistfully.
We looked back, wanted to touch it.
Reached out for it; longed for it.
We looked back, and we looked around. 
And there were no evil bosses, just characters from a comic book.
No notes during dull presentations, just incomprehensible doodles
No traffic, just nameless faces with complex back-stories
No bad assessments, just report cards to be hidden
No cricket match to be missed, just a stomach-ache to be feigned.
Life was so beautiful..


The packaging is eco friendly and travel friendly.
Each flavour is packed in attractive, colorful, hour glass shape like aluminium lined paper pouches.
The packaging itself is pretty bright and refreshing.
The pack design, in itself makes Paper Boat beverages stand out from the crowd of the other drinks.



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INR 30 for 250ml per pouch

Serving suggestion:

  • Shake and serve chilled


1. Ginger Lemon Tea

Ginger, black tree leaves and some lemon grass. It's fruity demeanour, light in its essence, is one of the most distinct and sought after flavours on the planet. 

2. Aamras

45% mango pulp. The juicy secret behind the timeless taste of aamras.

3. Jaljeera

Taste a refreshing splash. The joy of natural goodness. Real lemon, pepper, mint and cumin.

4. Kokum

Don't let the heat get to you. Real kokum juice. Nothing but the good stuff.

5. Jamun Kala Khatta

Steal some jamun with every sip. Real jamun juice.

6. Aam Panna

Aam panna is a memory of good old days, kept authentic with real green mango, lemon, pepper and cumin in every sip.


  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Easy to serve and sip
  • Affordable
  • Fresh and flavorful in taste
  • No preservatives, artificial colors and flavors


  • None!

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